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Optimize 3D Data for the Industrial Metaverse

ShapeGrid is developing automated solutions for preparing and optimizing 3D data.


With our software plug-ins, you can use the software you're already familiar with to get 3D data ready for any visualization scenario in minutes.

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The App

Join the Future of Industrial Automation

Bring Powerful Automation into your 3D Workflows

ShapeGrid uses proprietary algorithms to reduce 3D data while preserving principal components. Effortlessly defeature CAD, optimize mesh, and export data by bringing cutting edge technology to your 3D workflow.


How ShapeGrid Can Help You

Save time and resources developing your next digital twin / industrial metaverse project with ShapeGrid.

Cut hours out of 3D development time 

Our software automates the tedious and time-consuming task of 3D/CAD data preparation. This means more time for meaningful work and increased productivity.

Stay in control and make changes with ease

With dynamic feature control, adjust level of detail across different parts or regions to keep features where needed.

Secure 3D data privacy protection

ShapeGrid never saves any 3D data to protect the privacy of your assets.

Effortless Integration and File Management 

ShapeGrid provides add-ons for most major 3D development ecosystems, allowing for seamless integration into your existing workflow.

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